"Omoide Poroporo" - A small introduction on how things came to be.

Our names are Peter van der Lugt and Liset Woudenberg. Living in the city of Veenendaal in the Netherlands, we are the proud and happy owners of four Japanese Akita Inu: Junya, Chihiro, Maru and Hime.

Spending our professional lives commercially managing IT projects and writing about film, our private life brings us—surprise, surprise—having lots of fun with our dogs.

Chihiro and me during our 2012 holiday

The latter is a passion that started back in 2009, the year before Junya stole our hearts as a puppy. During one of our stays in Japan, we found out that the neighbors of our ryokan had a male Akita Inu. It was a simple, though life-changing meeting. And one that felt far from a coincidence. 

From the two of us, as a kid Peter once longed to own a Siberian Husky. That idea was given a quick no-go by his parents, explaining they needed lots of exercise and that wouldn't combine with a then busy sports life. Of course, at that time all of us were still oblivious, not knowing a majestic breed like the Japanese Akita Inu even existed.

Growing up, Peter somehow ended up in the field of film journalism. As a student, he led a news resource that initially focused on the works of Miyazaki Hayao, Takahata Isao (known for example for Academy Award winner Spirited Away). Becoming a success, one-on-one interviews with the people there followed, reports got picked up by media like New York Times and the Guardian, and this eventually led him into becoming one of the “leading voices in global cinema” for Twitch.

As the number of interviews with Japanese directors—like Koreeda Hirokazu and Tsukamoto Shinya—as well as connections and friends in Japan continued to grow, you can imagine that running into the Akita Inu in its land of origin became sort of inevitable. 

Fast-forward a couple of years, during which our Junya became an ever-important part of our life. As the saying goes “Once Akita Inu, Always Akita Inu!”, our love for this breed steadily developed and Chihiro joined our pack not much later on.

Grown up into an adult, Chihiro finally enabled us to open the doors of Kurenai No Kaze, our way to give back to the breed. In our case, that doesn't mean just breeding a litter every once in a while though. It may sound cliché, but in our opinion knowledge is indeed power, so with a lasting hunger  to learn, all kinds of seminars and specialty shows are frequently visited, added with reading in on research and discussions with fellow enthusiasts.

Enough about us. Please wander around this website to find out more about this great breed, our dogs and wish to combine looks, health and love.



Place of Recidence – Veenendaal, Netherlands
Akita Inu – 4, Junya, Chihiro, Maru & Hime
Cats –  2, Jiji & Nemo


Watching movies, reading, breeding of & research on Japanese Akita Inu, leisure with our dogs, sports.


"Once Akita Inu, Always Akita Inu!"