The Japanese Four Leggers of KURENAI NO KAZE.

 Aiko Kensha No Hotaru No Hikari Go a.k.a. Chihiro

Aiko Kensha No Hotaru No Hikari Go

Better known as our girl Chihiro and imported from Aiko Kensha, she is the daughter of the mighty handsome Japan import Birin Go Musashi Aiwa and Sanae Go Shun'you Kensha. Born in September 2011, Chi is a girl that can be somewhat bitchy with unfamiliar dogs, but to those she trusts she is simply the sweetest. That same sweetness is something she also very much likes to give to all humans, from young to old.

Next to being a beloved member our family, once in a while we also show her. And while no dog is perfect, the appreciation she receives from judges is more than satisfactory. This includes winning Best of Breed at the Nippon Inu Championship Match under specialist judge Gabriela Richard.

Health is something we value greatly at KURENAI NO KAZE, so of course Chihiro has been screened before breeding. Dedicated health tests have been performed at specialist vetinary hospital "De Wagenrenk" and their results were great: Hip Dysplasia x-rays were taken by Veterinary Radiology Specialist Drs. M.L.Schmidt and rated HD A by both her and the Dutch Kennel Club, eyes have been officially EVCO ok'ed by Eye Specialist Drs. R.R.O.M. van de Sandt and also patella has been rated "free" by Orthepedic Surgeon Drs. Govers. We will gladly show you the original documents in person or send you a copy by e-mail.

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 Junya Tokimitsu

Junya Tokimitsu

Junya is our first Akita and came to us in April 2010 from Catharine Hoebeke at Tokimitsu. He is the son of vice world champion Kaishi Go Shichimen Kensha and Dosshiri Go Des Dragons Du Soleil Rouge (daughter of the great Unshou Go Kanzakiya Kensha). Characterwise qualities like silly and happy, but also relaxed and very easy going immediately pop up.

As Junya sadly has a serious health issue—which we don't want to see passed through—we have decided not to use him for breeding. Furthermore, our opinion is that having an Akita Inu male yourself doesn't automatically mean you need to use him as a stud (if there is a male with a better fit available somewhere else, then use that dog). That doesn't spoil any of the fun though, Junya is a dog that is very dear to us and brings us lots of happy moments.

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Koganeimaru Go Kurenai No Kaze

Koganeimaru a.k.a. Maru is a super sweet boy we have kept from our litter of Chihiro & Taikou Go Shun'you Kensha. Besides being a handsome red Inu, he's one of the most easy going Akita Inu we have ever seen. 

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Kaguyahime Go Kurenai No Kaze

Kaguyahime a.k.a. Hime is a young girl we have kept from our Chihiro & Taikou litter. Those who know the Japanese tale of Taketori Monogatari, will understand Hime's name is more than fitting, as this litter was born in the morning after a full moon. We also call her our happy crazy girl, as she'll come up and cuddle you, while lying backside on your tummy.

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