"O-namae wa nan desu ka?" - About our kennel name.


That's Japanese for “Crimson Wind”.
Sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? 

Sure, having a nice kennel name doesn't say anything at all about the quality of our dogs, but maybe there is more than that. It's a name that was found in the same way as how we breed: with love and attention. Which is exactly why it has such a personal background.  

Kurenai No Kaze (a.k.a. Crimson Wind) first of all refers to Chihiro, our red girl who is able to run like the wind. Then there is the link with Peter's last name—van der Lugt—Dutch for “from the sky” and of course where the wind comes from.

Last but not least, we found inspiration in Kurenai no Buta, a Japanese film classic by Miyazaki Hayao. More details about our special connection with this critically acclaimed director can be found on the Our Story page. In the case of our kennel name though, it is the movie's message that truly matters.

In Kurenai no Buta the main protagonist is a fighter pilot that somehow turned into a pig. The movie ingeniously remembers us not all is about outer appearance. Instead, in the end it's people's inner self and actions that we should value.

The same is the case for the Japanese Akita Inu. While having absolutely gorgeous looks, it’s their character that counts!




Kurenai – 紅, くれない

  1. deep red; crimson

No – の

  1. indicates possessive

Kaze –風, かぜ

  1. wind; breeze