"Otanoshimi ni!!" - Upcoming puppy goodness at KURENAI NO KAZE.


Great news!

For Q3-Q4 2017 we are planning a lovely litter with our female Chihiro. The exact breeding plan—as in who will be the father of the future puppies—is still a surprise, but an official announcement is sure to follow.

While we do love dog shows, our puppies are primarily meant to be family members and will be raised in house for full love, care and socialization. Next to that, we always strive for an optimum combination of health, looks, "solid footwork" and character, together with a fitting pedigree (meaning high quality lines, while looking to maintain genetic diversity).

Breeding will be done according to the regulations of the Dutch FCI Akita Breed Club NIPPON INU

Feel free to contact us for further information!