"Shinu hodo suki desu yo!" - Gotta love them puppies!

For an impression of how our puppies spent the first nine weeks of their lives, feel free to take a look in the photo gallery above. To scroll through the pictures, simply click on the arrows on the sides. And if that still doesn't fulfill your puppy fix, nothing beats puppies in motion, so make sure to watch the two videos below as well. 

At Kurenai No Kaze, to help prepare our puppies for the rest of their lives, we think it is important that they are exposed to a multitude of impressions. That might sound obvious, but for a breed like the Akita Inu it is also something that is extra crucial. Which is why we make sure our puppies are growing-up in a diverse environment. Starting in the whelping box (in our living room), followed by our large puppy den (also in our living room), and when they have grown a little older, we will have them discover every nook and cranny of our house (and garden). Later on, we further expand that by really taking them outside. So before their first vaccination, we will have them join us in our bicycle car—which we use as a stroller—taking them to all kinds of places: our neighborhood, the garden center, the hardware store and of course also the woods.