Akita Inu Winter Days

With the Japanese Akita Inu originating from Akita Prefecture—which is a part of Nihon no Yukiguni and translates as "Japan's snow country"—it doesn't take much imagination to understand why most Akita are quite fond of snow.

Till so far, this year the Netherlands hasn't been blessed with any decent amount snow, but luckily the answer to that is easily solved. Christiane, the owner of one of our puppies, recently had a nice load of it in Germany and kindly invited us to come over. Together we went for a lovely stroll in the snow and to put the icing on the cake, when we returned to our cars, my boy Koganeimaru Go KURENAI NO KAZE and the girls (Fleur & Daiji) continued for some wonderful off leash play.

Here are some pics, for a short impression!