Zansho Mimai

Sending an old fashioned postcard isn't something done frequently anymore. Especially, when there's no Christmas or NYE ahead. In Japan however, they do still see the charm. There they have so-called Shochuu Mimai and Zansho Mimai, greeting cards to wish their receivers a good health during Japan's hot and humid summers. As we already passed August 7, that would make this post no Shochuu Mimai (mid summer greeting card) but a Zansho Mimai (late summer greeting card). So in that case, "Zansho Omimai Moshi Agemasu!" from us and the doggies. 

Below a fitting picture of Maru lit from behing by some warm summer sunlight.

Akita Inu Winter Days

With the Japanese Akita Inu originating from Akita Prefecture—which is a part of Nihon no Yukiguni and translates as "Japan's snow country"—it doesn't take much imagination to understand why most Akita are quite fond of snow.

Till so far, this year the Netherlands hasn't been blessed with any decent amount snow, but luckily the answer to that is easily solved. Christiane, the owner of one of our puppies, recently had a nice load of it in Germany and kindly invited us to come over. Together we went for a lovely stroll in the snow and to put the icing on the cake, when we returned to our cars, my boy Koganeimaru Go KURENAI NO KAZE and the girls (Fleur & Daiji) continued for some wonderful off leash play.

Here are some pics, for a short impression!

Looking Into Sebaceous Adenitis

Hisashiburi desu ne! It's been a while since we last posted an update in the news section, but that doesn't mean we have been sitting still. Some time ago I had an extensive conversation with Dr. Niels Pedersen about Sebaceous Adenitis, also simply known as SA. SA is an auto immune disease that can be found in several breeds, including the Japanese Akita Inu. As there are some misconceptions about this disease, we thought it would be useful to transfer our talk into a dedicated article, and so we did. Furthermore, by now—we am honored to say—it has even been cross published in the magazines of several Akita Clubs around the world. 

For those interested, please read the entire piece here: 

Birth of Chihiro & Taikou's Puppies

Super news! We are simply over the moon as, after 9 weeks of "patiently" waiting, the puppies of Aiko Kensha No Hotaru No Hikari Go (that's Chihiro) and Taikou Go Shun'you Kensha have finally arrived. The house of KURENAI NO KAZE has been blessed with six beautiful babies: four baby boys and two baby girls. There also was a puppy number seven that very sadly did not make it, but we gave it all and alas such is life... Still, apart from that, mom and pups are doing great. Of course pictures can be found at our dedicated Chihro - Taikou litter page.

Rotterdam International Dog Show & Health Tests

Tadaima!! And with some good news. Earlier this month Chihiro and I visited Rotterdam International Dog Show. After scoring an "Excellent" and 1st place in Open Class, she went on for best female and won Reserve Best Bitch.

Furthermore, our happy news continues with one from August. Being already one month ago, we have to admit it's a little late to mention, but still very much worth it as we received Chihiro's final health test results. All the tests have been performed at specialist vetinary hospital "De Wagenrenk".

  • HD: A
  • ECVO eyes: Free (on all 17 tested eye diseases, as welll as no other issues have been found)
  • Patella: Free 

5th European Hozonkai Championship

Two weeks ago Chihiro and we were present at the 5th edition of the European Hozonkai Championship, which took place in Torino, Italy.

As was to be expected "the Chi" was still too much out of coat, so in the end we decided not to show her (almost all dogs were in great condition and better do it good or not at all). However, the event itself was a blast. Joined by many great friends and great dogs, even without showing Chihiro the trip itself was still very much worth it. Plus we added a little holiday at Lac d'Annecy, so no worries there either. ^_^

The day before there also was a special Judges Course that focussed on the brindle Akita. Next to having participated in that, Anto Lombardo and I worked on a summary, which can be found on the official Hozonkai Europe Facebook page. For your convinience, you can also download the summary as PDF.

Below is one of the pics Peter shot (stunning Komahime Go Shun'You Kensha), you can find the entire album with more lovely Akita photos on our Facebook page.

Komahime Go Shun'You Kensha at 5th European Hozonkai Championship

Komahime Go Shun'You Kensha at 5th European Hozonkai Championship

JKC Japanese Breed Specialty 2014

Last weekend were three busy, but exciting and fun days. It was time for the Japanese Breed Specialty Show in Hamm and the Europasieger and Bundessieger Show during following two days in nearby Dortmund.

Chihiro sadly was totally out of coat, so even though we had initially entered her, we decided to leave her home. None the less, it was great meeting so many friends from all over Europe and seeing their lovely dogs. A number of 117 Akita Inu joined the party added with other Nihon Ken like the Shiba, Shikoku, Kishu and American Akita to be judged by Japanese breed experts Tomimoto and Fujimoto.

As icing on the cake, Chihiro's future "husband" Taikou Go Shun'you Kensha won Best In Show out of more than 250 Japanese dogs on Friday and won Best Male Akita on Saturday!

Taikou Go Shun'you Kensha, Best In Show at JKC Specialty 2014

Taikou Go Shun'you Kensha, Best In Show at JKC Specialty 2014

BOB at NIPPON INU Championship Club Match 2013

Yes, great news! Today we won Best Of Breed at this year's Championship Club Match of NIPPON INU under Judge Gabriela Richard after scoring Exc.1 in Open Class and Best Female.

As this was her second show, we have muuuch to improve and train (she, but especially me), but we had lots of fun doing it and meeting up with so many nice people!

Aiko Kensha No Hotaru No Hikari Go a.k.a. Chihiro, Best of Breed at NIPPON INU Championship Club Match 2013

Aiko Kensha No Hotaru No Hikari Go a.k.a. Chihiro, Best of Breed at NIPPON INU Championship Club Match 2013